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  • Basic Information (How to use and basis info)
  • All Tags
  • HTML structure
  • Table
  • Forms & Validation
  • Practice/Exercise
  • Basic information (How to use and types)
  • Inline css
  • how to use class base css or ID base css
  • Internal & External css
  • media query (Responsive Design)
  • Practice/Exercise
  • Basic information
  • Syntax and basic uses
  • functions
  • Practice/Exercise
  • Basic information
  • Syntax and basic uses
  • Practice/Exercise
  • Basic information
  • Bootstrap structure
  • Bootstrap class uses
  • Responsive Design
  • Practice/Exercise
  • Template creation
  • Template Practice/Exercise
  • Bsic information
  • Syntax and uses
  • Function
  • Database connection
    • Basic information
    • How to use
    • Structure (How to manage)
    • Relations to tables
  • Crud Operations Regular
    • Insert & Select
    • Update & Delete
  • AJAX
  • Crud Operations Ajax
    • Insert & Select
    • Update & Delete
  • Practice/Exercise
  • Basic information
  • Project setup
  • Folder structure information
  • How to work with MVC
  • Theme setup
  • Laravel commands overview
  • Crud operations
    • Insert
    • Select
    • Update
    • Delete & Exercise
  • Models wise project setup
  • How to work with model
  • Crud operations Models
    • Insert – Select
    • Update – Delete
  • Crud operations Ajax
    • Insert – Select
    • Update – Delete
  • Package installation guide
  • Knowledge of laravel all components (Middleware, Server side validation, Helper function, Common function)
    • Middleware
    • Server side validation
    • Helper function
    • Common function
  • All Relationship
  • Basic Information
  • WordPress setup
  • Theme setup
  • Import theme demo
  • Theme changes
  • Exercise
  • Basic information about plugin
  • Install Plugin and how to use
  • Woocommerce setup
  • Basic information about hook
  • How to use hook
  • How to create custom plugin
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Web development is the art of creating a website for users browsing on the Internet. As a front-end web developer, you will learn to implement the planned design on the web by making smart choices to code up pages and define user interactions. Web development refers to building, creating, and maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management.

While the terms “web developer” and “web designer” are often used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing. Technically, a web designer only designs website interfaces using HTML and CSS. A web developer may be involved in designing a website, but may also write web scripts in languages such as PHP and ASP. Additionally, a web developer may help maintain and update a database used by a dynamic website.
A PHP Developer is a Software Developer who specialises in the design, testing and implementation of software using the PHP programming language.
In static websites, content can’t be changed after running the script. You can’t change anything on the site. It is predefined.

In dynamic websites, the content of the script can be changed at the run time. Its content is regenerated every time a user visits or reload. Google, yahoo and every search engine is the example of a dynamic website.
In the current world of web sites and applications, PHP is used as a major language for web development. The usage of PHP language in India has raised in the latest past. Here, we have listed some essential reasons to create your career in PHP.
One big advantage of PHP Developers, PHP is easy to learn and they can do freelancing projects as well while in the job whereas java developers do struggle only in their respective jobs.

Another advantage for PHP Developers is, after having one year experience in web development, they get offers from many other companies with good salary package whereas java developers have to have at least two year experience to make more job opportunities.
There are several benefits of using PHP. First of all, it is totally free to use. So anyone can use PHP without any cost and host the site at a minimal cost.

It supports multiple databases. The most commonly used database is MySQL which is also free to use. Many PHP frameworks are used now for web development, such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, etc.

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Training Sessions

Training Sessions

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Expert Trainers

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Flexible Schedule

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24/7 Support

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