Construction Software Development Solutions

Establishing a strong foundation requires efficient Construction Software Development Solutions.

Construction Is a Complicated Business

Whether you’re building single-family homes, luxury mixed-use condos, or large office buildings, construction projects have countless moving parts, and their progress relies on dozens of variables, many of which are out of your control. But construction software development makes it simple to keep everything running smoothly, automating management and empowering your business and its buildings to grow.

TechnoComet Solutions Custom Construction Software Lets You Control Every Piece of the Project

From the finances to the finish outs, your custom construction management system lets you customize the way you track and manage each of the many facets of your construction projects.

Construction Software Development Solutions
Customer relationships

From designing and implementing the pre-sales marketing campaign to capturing leads, negotiating contracts, managing customer expectations, and sharing construction milestones, your management platform empowers the strong, transparent relationships that keep customers happy and inspire them to recommend you to their friends.

Financial tools

TechnoComet Solution's custom management solutions integrate with third-party providers, such as QuickBooks and others, to make budgeting, approvals, invoicing, and payments a snap. You can be secure in knowing that you have financial control over every aspect of the operations.

Building management

The most critical and complicated piece of the construction industry — the construction, itself — is easily managed through custom management platforms, as well. From permitting, project planning, and task assignments to progress and time tracking, supplier and subcontractor management, and change-request processing, not a beam goes up that isn’t accounted for.

On-the-go field management

All this management power isn’t limited to the back office. Mobile applications allow field employees to access the platform remotely, without Internet connection. This means, wherever they are, they can manage their people, their fleets, and their tasks. When the team’s on the move, there’s no reason for the work to stop.

Why Choose Custom Software?

While there are several off-the-shelf construction Software Development options available on the market, their out-of-the-box features and clunky integration capabilities will make for a less-than-ideal experience. Custom software, on the other hand, is built specifically to meet your company’s unique needs, taking into consideration every nuance of your business. What’s more, you own the system and the value it adds to your business, and you can make adjustments as you grow and evolve, scaling it up to support expanding teams and seamlessly integrating it with other third-party solutions. In short, with custom software, you’re always in control.

Construction Software Development Solutions

Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors of All Shapes and SizesngularJS?

Whether you’re a national builder or a boutique outlet, project management is key to your success, your reputation, and your bottom line. That’s why we offer custom solutions for builders of all kinds.

Commercial builder

Specialty construction

Custom home building & remodeling

Customer Success Stories

Mission Control Platform

The platform was created for law enforcement agencies as a simple and efficient tool to coordinate their efforts in real-time, using multiple sources of video.

The system features live streaming of 5 simultaneous video streams up to FullHD (1080p); access recorded video content; data encryption; GPS data goes with a video-stream; various camera models are supported, the list can be expanded. The system features latency time below 150 ms.

The new software application augmented the customer’s internal business processes, reduced costs and established a new learning standard in the company.

Technologies :  PHP, FFMpeg, Wowza, NodeJS, C++, HTML/CSS/JS, libVLC

Ultimate Social Media Manager For Photographers

Technologies : WordPress, Symfony, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ

Employment and Recruitment Portal

Technologies : Laravel, PHP, MySQL

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