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What is the DotNet?

The DotNet Framework (also known as .Net) is developed by Microsoft.

.NET supports a variety of programming languages and libraries for creating web, mobile, desktop, IoT, and other applications.
The .NET Framework is an open-source platform. For application development, you should have a powerful and dynamic IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
The .NET Framework is a highly secure framework for developing secure applications.
More than 60 programming languages are supported by the .NET Framework.
The Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), is a platform in the.Net architecture that is used to run.Net programmes.
A set of standard class libraries comes with the.NET Framework. A class library is a set of methods and functions that can be used to accomplish a specific task.

Features of DotNet

Microsoft.NET is a framework for creating portable, customizable, and robust applications that can run in a distributed environment.

The Microsoft.NET framework has a lot of functionality. The features of the DotNet framework were created by Microsoft using the technologies that software developers need to create applications for today’s and tomorrow’s business needs.

1. Support for multiple languages

Many programming languages are supported by the dot-net platform. Each language requires its own compiler; Framework V2.0 supports up to 45 languages.

2. Debugging

A debugger is a computer programme that allows you to run your programme line by line and examine the values of variables and values passed into methods to determine why it isn't working as expected.

3. Security

It supports role-based security through the use of Windows NT accounts and groups. The CLR ensures system security by identifying users and codes, as well as performing permission checks. This level of security is a key feature of the DotNet framework.

4. Cross-Platform Design

The.NET Core framework is a cross-platform framework that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It can assist in maximising code reuse and increasing the overall efficiency of the development process.

5. Automatic Resource Management

The.NET CLR manages memory, screen space, network connections, databases, and other resources efficiently and automatically. CLR uses the .Net framework's built-in functions to allocate and de-allocate memory for .Net objects.

6. Tool Support

To make the developer's job easier, the CLR works in combination with tools like Visual Studio, compilers, debuggers, and profilers.

7. Portability

The application built in the .Net framework is portable. It generates intermediate and machine-independent code. This was formerly known as the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL), but it has since been renamed the Common Intermediate Language (CIL).

8. Simplified deployment

The.Net framework also has tools that can be used to package .Net framework-based applications. Following that, these packages can be distributed to client machines. The application would then be installed automatically by the packages.

Advantages of DotNet

Disadvantages of DotNet

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