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What is the ReactJS?

A library created by Facebook. It is used to build UI components that create the user interface of the single page web application.
ReactJS supports Components that are basic building blocks of UI where each component has a logic. The components also support code reusability and make the web application easier to develop and understand.
The most popular front-end JavaScript library. It facilitates fast and interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications.
It facilitates developers to work faster and makes the user experience better.
In a Model View Controller architecture, React is the View layer, which is responsible for how the app looks and feels.

ReactJS Architecture

React library is just UI library and it does not enforce any particular pattern to write a complex application. Developers are free to choose the design pattern of their choice.
When it comes to the folder structure, we feel Reactjs is very opinionated and gives you a lot of freedom to think and experiment. There’s no default way of managing the folder of your React application.
ReactJS Development Company
One way to counter such a challenge is to structure your codebase with modules, each with its own responsibility.
Think of your HTML code as a tree. In fact, that is exactly how the browser treats your DOM (your rendered HTML on the browser). React allows you to effectively re-construct your DOM in JavaScript and push only those changes to the DOM which have actually occurred.

Advantages of Reactjs

Disadvantages of Reactjs

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