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What is the MongoDB?

MongoDB is an open-source document database and a leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is developed by MongoDB, Inc.

MongoDB is written in C++.

MongoDB is not a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It’s called a “NoSQL” database.
It stores data in the collections as JSON based documents and does not enforce schemas.

In the RDBMS database, a table can have multiple rows and columns. Similarly, in MongoDB, a collection can have multiple documents that are equivalent to the rows

In the RDBMS database, a table can have multiple rows and columns. Similarly, in MongoDB, a collection can have multiple documents which are equivalent to the rows

MongoDB vs RDBMS

You can directly compare the MongoDB NoSQL with the RDBMS and map the varied terminologies in the two systems: The RDBMS table is a MongoDB collection, the column is a field, the tuple/row is a document, and the table join is an embedded document. The typical schema of a relational database shows the number of tables and the relationship between the tables, but MongoDB does not follow the concept of relationship.

Document-oriented and non-relational databaseRelational database
Collection based and key-value pairTable based
Gives JavaScript client for queryingDoesn’t give JavaScript for querying
Relatively easy to setupComparatively not that easy to setup
Unaffected by SQL injectionQuite vulnerable to SQL injection
Has dynamic schema and ideal for hierarchical data storageHas predefined schema and not good for hierarchical data storage
100 times faster and horizontally scalable through shardingBy increasing RAM, vertical scaling can happen
There is no concept of joinsJoins sometimes form across tables to obtain the data.

MongoDB Architecture

MongoDB Development Company
It is also called the physical container for data.
Every database has its own set of files existing on the file system.

In a single MongoDB server, there are multiple databases present.

he collection consists of various documents from different fields.
All the collections reside within one database. In collections no schemas are present.
The set of key values are assigned to the document which is in turn associated with dynamic schemas.
The benefit of using these schemas is that a document may not have to possess the same fields whereas they can have different data types.

Advantages of MongoDB

Disadvantages of mongoDB

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